The Central Contact Point for OLAF

For the purposes of fulfilling the obligations resulting from Article 325 TFEU, the Slovak Government charged The Central Contact Point for OLAF (hereinafter referred to as the “CCP OLAF”), which forms an organisational unit of the Section of Control and the Corruption Prevention at the Government Office of the SR.

The role of the CCP OLAF is to coordinate legislative, administrative and operative activities with a view to securing the protection of the EU’s financial interests and for the same purpose to closely cooperate with the Slovak bodies and institutions engaged in the system of such protection - AFCOS network (hereinafter referred to as “network partners”).

The CCP OLAF primary carries out its activity in cooperation with the Slovak bodies and institutions responsible for the management, implementation, control and audit of expenditures of the EU’s budget and, on the other hand, for the withdrawal, control and audit of financial resources representing a source of income to the EU’s budget, as well as cooperation with bodies and institutions responsible for recovery procedures, the sanction imposing and penalization of the originators of illegal activities relative to the abuse of the EU’s financial interests.

The network partners also cooperate in the area of the education and the training activities aimed to the protection of the  EU’s financial interests.

One of the most important role of the CPP OLAF is to receive, collect and monitor all known and discovered infringements of rules by drawing funds from the European Union as well as the suspicion of the rules violation (irregularities and suspected irregularities); postprocess the irregularities by analysing and reporting them to the OLAF EC.